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About Us

Hello and welcome to the SmartThrone website.

This website came about after contacting Jonathan Isbit over at NaturesPlatform.com  .

Back in 2001 we came together with the lofty goal of getting a squatting platform out to every person who owned a blasted toilet!

Shortly afterward I wished Jon all the best... and  returned to Canada. 

12 years later I reconnected to see how things were going and to see if I could help out by building a few units for him in my spare time. 

He suggested that I design and build a platform... and set up a website for Canadians to order from... and that's how SmartThrone came about.

Over the years I have personally been a avid reader on health... looking for answers about ourselves... the universe... and what happens afterwards.

I felt that if we don't look after ourselves early in life then we could end up living in pain sometime down the road... and it's hard to be a happy and helpful person when you are living a life in pain.

My personal motto in life now is to keep it simple... to eat simple... to keep a small footprint... to reduce, reuse and recycle... and to make a conscious effort to help others... whoever they may be.

To your health and happiness.